Curriculum Vitae

An overview of education, expositons, awards and more.

Artistic education

Municipal Secondary Art Institute




Higher Art Education Graphics


Evening classes Painting



Main training and references

Frans Masereelcentrum’ in Kasterlee

Working stay for Lithography


CTL-institute Ghent

Pedagogical certificate (GMTN)


Art Academy Wetteren – Studio for  Graphics.

Workshop ‘Japanese woodcut technique’ led by Veerle Rooms.


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* 1996: Workshop Monotype led by Mark Van Hove – Gallery 40 Temse.

* 1997-1998: Training ‘Screen printing for water ink’ at the K.I.S.P. – Ghent.

* 1997-1998: Training ‘Layout and Typography’ at the K.I.S.P. – Ghent.

* Since 2004: Various workshops non-toxic etching led by Marnix Everaert – Academy of Visual Arts Gent.

* 2008: Workshop Monotype led by Marnix Everaert at the Art Academy – Ostend.

* 2012: Workshop ‘Alternatives to Lithographic Printing’ led by Marnix Everaert – Academy of Visual Arts Ghent.

Individual exhibitions

VOC – non profit organization



Municipal Art Academy



Gallery CD ‘Theme Los Angeles’



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1987      Ghent: Gallery ‘Belvu’.

1988      Ghent: – Liberal Meeting Center.

– House ‘Camelia’.

– ‘Sienjaal’ non profit organization – “Reflections”.

1989      Ostend: Museum of Fine Arts.

Kasterlee: Centre ‘Frans Masereel’.

1991      Bruges: Roussel Art Gallery.

1995      Kalken: ‘Den Bouw.’

1997       Wetteren: CC ‘De Poort’.

1999      Eke-Nazareth: Gallery ‘Labo Art’.

2003      Ostend: Gallery ‘Pick’s Art’.

2007      Oudenaarde: Gallery ‘Labo Art’.

2012      Oudenaarde: Gallery ‘Labo Art’.

2016      Wetteren: Gallery ‘Baele’.

2021      Hulst: Studio 35.

Group and duo exhibitions


Gallery ‘Sienjaal’ – Farouk Shehata (Egypt) and other Graphics.

– NTG presents “Fickle Ensemble” with Gallery ‘Sienjaal’.

– Gallery ‘Sienjaal’ – “Young Graphic Artists” with academy students.



Gallery ‘Sienjaal’ – “Etchers around Jules De Bruycker”.

Museum for Fine Arts –  Laureates ‘Ghent-Seaport’ – Rotary Club.



Gallery ‘Tremerie’ – with Jacques ‘t Kindt.


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1980      Kortrijk: Studio ‘Gaselwest’.

Kortenberg: Municipal Sports Hall – ‘Kortenberg Prize for Drawing’.

1980-’81 Traveling exhibitions with the group ‘Eco & Co’:

Huise: Gallery ‘Tremerie’.

Paris: ‘Atelier 68’ Quai de la Seine.

Tournai: – Gallery ‘Seynaeve’.

– The ‘Cercle Artistique’ – “Salon de Printemps 80 Sigma 13”.

Deurle: Museum ‘Dhondt-Dhaenens’.

Ostend: ‘De Cercle.’

Waregem: CC ‘De Schakel’ – “Meeting”.

Namur: Hall ‘Culture house’.

1981      Brussels: Central Station – ‘Other Young Paintings’.

1982      Ghent: EBES – ‘Young Engravers’.

Belœil: Cultural Center.

Ninove: Municipal Library – ‘Award for Visual Arts’ the City of Ninove.

Kortenberg: Municipal Sports Hall – ‘Kortenberg Prize for Drawing’.

Ghent: – Gallery ‘At Work’ – “4 Autonomous Realizations”.

– Former St. Peter’s Abbey – ‘Provincial Award for Graphics’.

1983      Ghent: – Municipal Secondary Art Institute – ‘Art after ‘72’.

– Floralia Palace – Linea – with Gallery ‘At Work’.

Tournai: ‘Halle aux Draps’ – “Artistic prize of the city of Tournai”.

Liège: ‘La Fête de la Gravure’ Young Engravers II – Les Chiroux.

1984      Roeselare: Gallery ‘Carlos Demeester’ – “Three Graphic Artists”.

Ghent: – Gallery ‘At Work’ – “The Galleries’ artists”.

– Former St Peter’s Abbey – ‘Works of art acquired by the Flemish Community 1982-1983’.

Aarschot: VAKO non profit organization – ‘Prize for Graphics’ city of Aarschot.

Jambes: Gallery ‘Détour’ – Artists ‘At Work’ Ghent.

1985      Harelbeke: Municipal Meeting Center – ‘Prize for Visual Arts’.

Ostend: Gallery ‘JL’ guest at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Poeke: Castle of Poeke – Second ‘East Flemish Art Biennale’.

1986      Aalst: Municipal Museum ‘Oud Hospitaal’ – Provincial Awards East Flanders for Visual Art 1985.

Wetteren: Communal house – ‘Young teachers from the Municipal Art Academy’.

Ghent: – Floralia Palace – Lineart – Gallery ‘Avantgrade’ Antwerp.

– Liberal Meeting Center ‘VLC’.

1986-87 Traveling exhibition EBES – ‘Way of the Graphics’.

1987      Cadaques: ‘Taller Galeria Fort’ – Traveling exhibition “Mini Print Internacional”.

Brussels: ‘Credit Bank’ – organized by the ESIM.

Koekelare: Hall RMS – Teachers from the Municipal Art Academy Ostend.

Deinze: Domain ‘De Ceder’ – with Jean-Paul Monbaliu.

1988       Liège : La troisième ‘Fête de la Gravure’ Young Engravers II –  Les Chiroux.

Harelbeke: – Municipal Meeting Center – Teachers from the Art Academy Ostend

–  Municipal Meeting Center – ‘Prize for Visual Arts’.

Ghent: Former St. Peter’s Abbey – ‘Provincial Awards for Visual Arts 1986 and 1987’.

Brussels: Art Crafts Hall – ‘Jacques De Leger’ Prize for Graphics – Caryatide non profit organization.

Knokke: ‘Scharpoord’ Meeting Center – “VKUV” Prize for Visual Arts.

Diepenbeek: Expo WCC – the ‘Higher Provincial Architecture Institute PHAI’.

1989      Ghent: Gallery ‘Belvu’.

Brussels: VUB Gallery – “Flanders Erotica” organized by ‘CGSO’ Brussels.

Eeklo: ‘De Media’ – “Flanders Erotica” organized by ‘CGSO’ Brussels.

Ghent: Former St. Peter’s Abbey – ‘Provincial Prize for Graphics’.

Buggenhout: Gallery ‘Vierhuizen’ – ‘Price of Buggenhout for Graphics’.

Liège-Wégimont: Provincial Domain – ‘Prints Gallery’.

1990      Bruges: Halls – Graphics Exhibition ‘Rotariale’.

Deinze: Museum of Deinze and Leie Region – ‘Works of Art of the Flemish Community 1988-1989’.

Tielt: Municipal Art Academy – Graphics Exhibition ‘Druk’.

Dendermonde: Old Town Hall – ‘Art for Nature’ manifestation.

Eeklo: Municipal Art Academy – Expo ‘750 years of Eeklo’.

1991      Tournai: Culture House – ‘Artistic prize winners of the City of Tournai’.

Poeke: Castle of Poeke – ‘Fifth Biennial Contemporary Art In Flanders’.

Ostend: Gallery ‘De Peperbusse’ – Ostend Graphic Artists.

Harelbeke: Municipal Meeting Center – ‘Prize for Visual Arts’.

1992      Bruges: ‘Bogarden’ Chapel and Halls – “Rotariale”.

Zonnebeke: ‘De Poort’ – “Me-morialize”.

Sint Baafs-Vijve: ‘André Demedtshuis’ – “10 x Graphics”.

Ghent: Volvo Cars Europe ind.

1993      Etterbeek: Community Center ‘De Maalbeek’ – with Veerle Rooms.

Overpelt: ‘Nolimpark’ – North Limburg Industry Prize.

1994      “Watou 94”- Summer Manifestation – Watousquare, Hall ‘The Concord’.

1995      Ostend: – Museum of Fine Arts: “Ostend Art Academy 1820-1995 Past and Present”.

– Gallery ‘Loosveldt’ – with Linda Vinck, Rik Vandewege, Arthur Vermeiren.

1996      Sint-Niklaas: Municipal Museum – “Printmakers”, Female Graphic Artists from related

language cultures.

Ostend: Museum of Fine Arts – “Works by women artists” from the Museum Collection, organized

by ‘Gynaika’.

Loker: Gallery ‘De Queeste’ – Print Room, next to “Winter Images” by Jan Wolkers.

Ghent: Gallery ‘Het Wijde Ogenblik’.

Meulebeke: Service Center ‘Ter Deve’ – sculpture, graphics, jewelery.

1997      Ostend: Casino-Kursaal – “Art Image Now 2” – Ostend Press Club.

Eke-Nazareth: Gallery ‘Labo Art’ – “Winter Salon”.

1998      Tielt: Gallery ‘Verkest’ – with Dirk Michiels.

Bruges: City Hall – ‘European Biennale for Graphic Arts’.

Loker: Gallery ‘De Queeste’ – “Works of Art on Paper”.

Deinze: Domain ‘De Ceder’.

Ghent: Geuzenhuis ‘CSC’ – “Culture on the Waterfront”.

Bredene: ‘Anto Diez’ Centre – “Prize for Graphics”.

1999      Ghent: Liberal Meeting Center ‘VLC’ – ‘Evolution’ focus on own work.

Koksijde: Gallery ‘Wijland’ – “Seven Ways”.

2000      Ostend: Museum of Fine Arts – “Collection – Ostend Artists after 1940”.

2001      Loker: ‘Stage for Art’ Young and / or Different – with Tine Ghyselinck.

2002      Ostend: Gallery Pick’s Art – ‘Summer Exhibition’.

Ghent: Anniversary Exhibition – ‘75 works of art for 75 years of Volvo’.

2003      Bruges: Novotel – ‘Indoor Art’ – with Jan Michiels.

2004      Kuurne: ‘Hoeve Vandewalle’ – “Price of the Landscape”.

Ronse: ‘De Keyser Brewery’ – “Grand Prize for Drawing Art”.

2005      Harelbeke: CC ‘Het Spoor’ – “Prize for Visual Arts”.

Ostend: Culture Palace – ‘Fifth Salon of the Ostend Artists’.

Antwerp: Gallery ‘Epreuve d’Artiste’ – “From Samhain to Halloween”.

2006      Oudenaarde: Gallery ‘Labo Art’ – “Winter Salon” with André Honnay, Philippe Menten,

Rebecca Dufoort.

Ostend: ‘Venetian Galleries’ – “Where do I place my easel” about Karel Jonckheere and Gustaaf Sorel.

Ronse: ‘De Keyser Brewery’ – “Grand Prize for Drawing Art”.

2007      Ostend: Gallery ‘Theobald’s Boathouse’ – “Music in the Vlaanderenstraat” 1° lustrum.

2008      Kuurne: Hall of commerce – Jubilee Exhibition ‘15 ° price of the Landscape M. Depypere’.

Oudenaarde: Gallery ‘Labo Art’ – “Winter Salon”.

Berlare: CC ‘Stroming’ – “Sea View” with Marc Van Gysegem, photographer.

2009      Ostend: – ‘Venetian Galleries’ – “Project Radar” in co-operation with ‘KAZ’.

– BZIO-IMBO – “Ensor, Death to Life” with the book presentation of F. Dufait.

Oudenaarde: Gallery ‘Labo Art’ – with Sophie Ronse.

2010      Ostend: BOX 38 – “Ensor’s Exit, a story of masks and rays” in co-operation with ‘KAZ’.

Oudenaarde: Gallery ‘Labo Art’ – “Grafted on Stone” with Michel Flostroy, John Quivron, Caroline Van Der Straeten.

2011      Ostend: BZIO-IMBO – ‘Sketches and Studies of teachers of the Academy of Arts’.

Sint-Niklaas: ‘SteM’ – “Graphics unraveled” – the Flanders Design Collection.

2014      Genk: Mining building ‘Thorpark’ – “MineArt 2”.

2015      Ostend: – ‘Venetian Galleries’ – “Profumo di Mare”.

– Library ‘Kris Lambert’ – Graphics of teachers and students of ‘KAZ’.

2016      Ostend: ‘VLC’ –  Works of Art of the West Flemish ‘Willems Foundation’.

2021      Bruges: KM – The Office.

2022      Middelburg: CBK Zeeland – ‘Branched and rooted’.

Hulst: HULSTART – ‘Art in print’ curator Daan Rau.

2022 Ostend: galerie Lloyd – ‘A world on paper’ – curator Daan Rau.

2023 Middelburg: CBK Zeeland – ‘Water in art’

2023 Leeuwarden: Art Space H47 – ‘Biënnale 40×40’



Ostend: ‘Cri du Coeur’

In collaboration with A. Degeyter about the poet Karel Jonckheere.


Hulst: ‘Art gallery Hulst’

 City event

2022 – 2023

Ostend: “Project XXL”

An ‘interactive project for Relief Printing’ on the Seawall with the record attempt


Terneuzen: ‘Toonbeeld’

Project ‘Increase’


‘Touring exhibition in The Netherlands’

Art project PubArt foundation – ‘Antique military textiles’.

Fort near Vechten – ‘Waterline Museum’


Hilversum – ‘Library’


Naarden – ‘Fortress Museum’

Awards, honours en selections

Third Prize Competition ‘Ghent-Seaport’ Rotary club.


Kortenberg Prize for Drawing (selection).


Kortenberg Prize for Drawing (selection).

Provincial Prize for Graphics – East Flanders (selection).

Second Prize ‘EBES for Young Engravers’ – Ghent.

Laureate Prize of the City of Ninove for Visual Arts.


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1983      Laureate Prize of the City of Tournai.

1984      Prize for Graphics of the City of Aarschot (selection).

1985      Prize for Visual Arts, City of Harelbeke for ‘Drawing and Graphics’ (selection).           

               Provincial Prize for Graphics – East Flanders (selection).

1986      Provincial Prize for Painting – East Flanders (selection).

1987      Seventh manifestation ‘Mini Print Internacional’ in Cadaques (selection).

1988      Prize for Visual Arts of the City of Harelbeke (selection).             

               ‘Jacques de Leger’ Award for Graphics – Brussels (selection).              

               Provincial Prize for Graphics – East Flanders (selection).              

               Third Prize ‘VKUV’ for Visual Arts – Knokke-Heist.

1989      Flanders Erotica ‘CGSO’ Brussels (selection).              

               ‘Prize of Buggenhout’ for Graphics (selection). 

1990      Art Prize – ‘750 years Eeklo’ (selection). 

1991      First Premium ‘Prize for Visual Arts’ – City of Harelbeke, ‘Drawing and Graphics’.

1993      North Limburg Industry Prize (selection). 

1998      European Biennale for Graphic Arts in Bruges – ‘Rotariale’ (selection).              

               Honorable mention ‘Anto Diez Prize’ for Graphics 1998 – Bredene. 

2004      Laureate ‘Prize of the Landscape, Michel Depypere’ – Kuurne.              

               Grand Prize for Drawing of the City of Ronse (selection). 

2005      Prize for Visual Arts of the City of Harelbeke, ‘Drawing and Graphics’ (selection).


2006      Grand Prize for Drawing of the City of Ronse (selection).

Graphic editons

Torhout ‘Vkh – Arts Center for art advice’.

“Meeting with Artists” Young talent 1 – 1981 edition.


Municipality of Wetteren – Silkscreen (260 ex)

‘Friends of the Art Academy’.


Ghent – Gallery ‘At Work’ 

Graphics premium, ‘Etching’ (25 ex).


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* 1994-’95: Ostend – Project ‘Intaglio Printing’ (100 ex) realized with teachers from the Art Academy.

* 1999: Koksijde – Graphics publication for the exhibition “Seven Ways” – Gallery ‘Wijland’.



“Artworks acquired by the Flemish Community”

Administration for Art & Tourism – Department of Visual Art and Museums.


“Talk about art with female visual artists”

Contribution (3 issues) for the three-monthly art magazine ‘Hartslag’

Ghent  1982-’83


publisher “At Work”

Ghent 1984


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* ‘Artworks acquired by the Flemish Community’ 1988 – 1989.

Administration for Art & Tourism – Department of Visual Art and Museums.

* ‘Beeldend Oostende’.

200 years of Visual Art in Ostend – Norbert Hostyn – 1993.

Publisher M. Van De Wiele – Bruges.

* ‘Sint-Lukas’ Foundation – non profit organization Brussels 1994 – Documentation Center ‘Belgian Art after 1945’.

* Book ‘175 years of the Municipal Art Academy Wetteren’ – 1998.

* ‘A decade of Graphic Art in Flanders’.

The VIZO Collection – 2004.

VIZO TOOHCSMI Publishers – Ghent.

* ‘Death to life’.

An ode to Ensor – Freddy Dufait – 2009.

Publisher M. Van De Wiele – Bruges.

* “Grafted on Stone” – 2010.

‘Labo Art’ – Oudenaarde.

Publisher Gicaro – Wetteren.

* ‘Isel Art & Culture Magazine’.

ABC of Belgian Contemporary Artists – 2011 – Introduction: Hugo Brutin (a.i.c.a.).

* Monograph 1980-2020 an overview – in house 2021.

* K.M. -”ABC”  Visual Artists 2021.

* K.M. -”ABC”  Visual Artists 2022.



Works owned by

Work in private property. domestic and abroad

The Municipality of Wetteren.


The City of Ninove. 

EBES – City of Ghent.


 The Flemish Community.

1982 and 1983


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* The Municipal Credit. 

* “Kunst in Huis”. 


* The Flemish Community.


* The City of Ostend.

* Liège / Wegimont – “International Center for diffusion of Graphics”.


* Municipality of Etterbeek.


* The ‘VIZO’.


* The Municipality of Kuurne.


* The ‘Willemsfonds’ – Ostend.